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  1. the process of coming into existence or prominence.
    "the emergence of the environmental movement"
  2. the process of becoming visible after being concealed.
    "I misjudged the timing of my emergence"

Emergent behaviour is what I'd like to focus on in the following experiments. Simple sets of rules, that give rise to complex behaviour, oftentimes resembling cell-like structures. Some examples for this kind of emergence are Conways Game of life, Langton's Ant and all kinds of generative algorithms.

Generative Art

14 July 2021

Working on a generative art experiment.

Cellular Automata

30 June 2021

WebGL implementation of Conways Game of Life and similiar cellular automata.


28 Apr 2021

A reaction diffusion simulation utilizing the Gray-Scott model. Two chemicals react to form more of the second chemical, while the resulting matter is continuously being removed from the system.

GPU particles

4 May 2021

A basic particle simulation running on the GPU, capable or simulating millions of particles.

Collision avoidance

24 Apr 2021

A JS implementation recreating this bug I saw on youtube. A basic collision system, but without conservation of momentum. When balls collide, their momentum doesn't change, they just get moved to the side. Over time, the balls will find stable orbits without collisions.